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Update – 28th August 2019

Ouch! The last post I made on was in December 2018.

Despite what it may seem, I’ve not abandoned this website or my interest in creative writing. Quite the opposite. Since my last post I’ve been busy, daily, writing a novel. This book has been a pro-longed writing exercise. I’ve written three drafts already, and on completion of each I’ve seen my writing skills improve so much that I opted to begin anew. I’m now on the fourth and final draft, and hoping to self-publish it on Amazon before December 2019.

This new story is a new concept, unrelated to my cyberpunk Revenge in the Sprawl novella, and will be a fantasy genre book. After its completion I plan to rewrite Revenge in Sprawl and release it again as a new addition (Amazon only allows small changes to already published books.) I had actually written a sequel, called Deceit in the Sprawl, but it was on reviewing this completed story that I felt I needed to practice my prose, getting my writing ability to the greater standard I desire.

I also plan to rewrite the short fiction I have posted here. Originally I planned to write much more of these short tales, posting often, but it’s become apparent that until I can write full-time I won’t be able to spare the time, not without significantly delaying my self-published works.

Finally, I had a technical issue with this site and I was no longer able to see if I was receiving any visitors. Given I never received visitors in the first place, I was slow to tackle this issue. The problem is now fixed, and it appears there are people venturing here. Though for all I know – you dear reader – are actually just a spider bot sent by a search engine, and I’m still talking to myself.

Either way, reader or bot, thanks for visiting and I hope to become a more active writer once my current fantasy book is completed.

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